Favorite Designer Spotlight – Christian Siriano


This man is a genius.siriano10

I have been a fan of his since I was in high school and he was on one of the earlier seasons on Project Runway. Even though editing made him into a character (it happens to the best contestants on everything) his talent really showed through.


Also, I was inspired by how young he was – 21 at the season finale. Considering that I was only 16 at the time, it made me think that I could be an awesome fashion designer by the time I was fully an adult.


We all know how that worked out though. After three years of design school I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided the business of fashion was better for me and switched majors. Now I’m an Assistant Buyer and I’m in love with my job. So it all worked out in the end.


But just look at how great this stuff is!


The thing I love about him is the fact that his clothing is actually that dreaded word, which I don’t understand why is an insult in the fashion industry, wearable. I’d rather have fashion I could actually wear rather than just pretty stuff to look at.


He also has a line for Payless Shoes. Which means that there are actually things of his I could afford.


Do you see why he’s my favorite?


All photos from Vogue Runway.


My Clean Face Movement

I LOVE makeup and all things beauty. I love skincare, doing my makeup, buying beauty products, checking out reviews, reading blogs, and researching new looks on Instagram. But some of those looks, while gorgeous, to me just look fake. I don’t see how someone can go about their daily life with that much crap on their face. I’m talking the people who have matte foundation, powder, color corrector and concealer, full contour, blush, bronzer, and highlight. All this on top of an eye look and lipstick. Yeah those pics look insanely gorgeousand that skin appears flawless, but I always feel that they would look a little weird off camera. 

Even my toned down version seemed like a lot to me. I would do foundation, conceal problem areas, light blush, bronzer, and highlighter. And when I would look at myself in the mirror with my face, eyes, and lips done, it started to look like I was wearing a lot of makeup. The last thing I wanted to look was like my face was suffocating. 

Now, I am a huge fan of doing your makeup how you want to do it and not like someone else tells you to. If you want to wear every product in Sephora on your face, go for it. But I got tired of the over abundance. So this morning I chucked all my blushes and bronzers straight into the trash. Blush was a product I took a while to figure out anyway, and it never fully felt like me. I even tossed my color corrector and concealer. If I can’t cover it with foundation then too bad. People have flaws; big deal. 

My new routine is just foundation with a little highlighter for a slightly dewy glow. This feels so much lighter and looks way more real for work. When I have less products on my skin, I feel like I can put more boldness into my eye and lip looks for work. Maybe one day I’ll think about bringing bronzer back into the game. But as for blush, pretty sure that’s gone forever. 

My Bathtime Routine – Plus, Soap and Glory Bath Fizzies Review

It has been a long, tiring week at work. We got a huge shipment in, and I have been hauling around 45 lb boxes and unpacking my share of 10,000 pairs of pants. My muscles were hurting so I decided the best thing for them last night was a long hot bath.

I take a bath probably once every 1-2 months, and when I do, I make a whole thing out of it. There is wine, bubbles, water as hot as I can stand it, and I do a facemask and some exfoliating. I also set up my iPad and watch a movie – usually one of the following three choices: The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Bridget Jones Diary. Since Bridget Jones is the only one of the three currently on Netflix and I have no way to watch a dvd in the tub, the choice was made.

Last night, instead of the usual bubbles, I decided to try the Soap and Glory bath fizzies I picked up last time I was in Ulta. I had never tried a bath bomb/ bath fizzy before, and these were packaged so cute. They were set up like a truffle box and the different colors were labeled as flavors (though I suspect eating them would NOT be a good idea).


I pulled one out of the box that seemed interesting and dropped it in the tub. It did fizz a little and had some scent, but I didn’t think that was enough. I pulled out the two pink ones and threw those in as well. These gave the water a pink tint and the smell was definitely stronger and more yummy. Even my dog could smell it. The entire time I was in the bath he kept getting on his hind legs and trying to sniff around the tub.


At first I didn’t really get it, but after soaking for my usual better part of an hour, my skin felt decently moisturized, and not so typically pruney. However,  my legs had just the smallest bit of pink tint. But this was definitely an interesting experience, and a great break from my typical bubble bath. Im a little disappointed though that it took three of these little fizzies to get the desired results. I would definitely be interested in trying one of the larger Lush bath bombs as an alternative. Maybe next time.


Have you guys tried bath bombs? What brands do you like?

5 Days 5 Looks – Kat Von D Pastel Goth


This round of 5 Days 5 Looks was interesting just cause it’s the first time I’ve done one with a straight bright palette. Most of the time I’m using neutral, or mostly neutral palettes, so I had to be careful to keep my looks with this guy work appropriate. In order to do that I had to cheat a little bit on some of my usual 5 Days 5 Looks rules: I brought in colors from other palettes in order to make it work.

If you want to read my review of the palette, you can do it here. But let’s dive in to the looks.

Day 1


I thought I would start off with the colors that made me the most nervous first. This is the only time I used the yellow all week; I kind of felt like I copped out on it, but just could not find a look featuring it that felt me. I used my pinky finger to dab the yellow in concentrated sections so it wasn’t overwhelming and created a little pop.

Colors used:
Highlight – Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy (eyeshadow single, and I used it as a highlight all week)
Lid – Clementine
Inner Corner – Star
Crease – Anaheim (from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette)
Eyeliner – Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil in Tiramisu

Day 2


I am way obsessed with this look. It really feels Pastel Goth to me – hard edge but bright colors. I have this awesome Smoky eye brush that is perfect for putting color in the outer corner and creating that pointed shape without being too defined. This look will probably be on regular rotation.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy
Lid – Meow
Outer Corner – Dope
Eyeliner – Kat Von D Liquid Eyeliner in Trooper

Day 3


This was a day off, and an errand day, so I didn’t feel like doing anything overly complicated. I just used a white shade on my lid and black shadow along my lash line. Then I used that smoky brush from yesterday to smudge the black and blend it upwards so the line wasn’t too dark or defined. Not a bad look but definitely not one that looked like it took me a long time, which it didn’t.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Cowboy
Lid – Skull
Lash Line – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Blackout (I don’t remember which palette I used, but Blackout has been included in several UD palettes)

Day 4


What bright color makeup selection is complete without a mermaid-ish look? I feel like at this point it’s kind of obligated. Whatever, I had fun created this one. I started with the blue just in the center of the lid and blended the green in the outer corner and up into the crease. And, for a cool transition, I pinky finger applied it in the inner corner again. As all the colors in this palette are matte, and mermaid looks are usually created with shimmer shadows, I thought this was an interesting take on the idea. Even if it did take me a while to get the green to blend in just the way I wanted.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy
Inner Corner – Gloom
Lid – Doom
Crease – Gloom
Outer Corner – Gloom
Eyeliner – Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion

Day 5


This was an easy to throw together look. I only had one color left in the palette and I just wanted something quick. The color is great though; it’s a gray, but with some green tones to it. And then I threw some white in the inner corner again to pop. And gold eyeliner on my lower lash line for a little shimmer.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy
Lid – Dagger
Inner Corner – Skull
Eyeliner – Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion
Lower Lash Line – Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Goldmine

I already have my next 5 Days 5 Looks started – Urban Decay’s Naked Basics. Look out for it! And let me know what you think of these looks!

New Product Alert – Kat Von D Pastel Goth Eyeshadow Palette


First things first: I got my dream job! I’m so pumped. I have been struggling since college and now it finally all feels worth it. That degree and debt now actually had a result. As a congratulations to myself I went on a little shopping spree, and while there I picked up this baby at Sephora.

Also, this is the last eyeshadow palette I am allowed to buy for a really long time. A few days before getting my offer, I realized that I have 19 eye palettes. What on earth am I doing with that much eyeshadow?! No more for me until I actually use up some of these. My stash has officially gotten ridiculous.


I did let myself buy this one though, as both a congratulations and so this way I could round out my collection with an even 20 and keep it at an even number. Plus I haven’t had a Kat Von D Palette before and this baby was calling my name.

This is a really interesting one, because it isn’t your typical collection of bright eye colors. Most bold palettes are full of shimmers, but this bad boy is all matte. That combined with the fact that these shades are somehow both bright and subtle at the same time makes it way more acceptable for work. I have had so much fun playing around with it for the last few days. So much fun that I’m thinking about bringing back my “5 Days 5 Looks” series and starting with this palette.


The colors, as you can see if the two pictures of swatches (I took them under two different lightings cause the lighting in my house sucks) the colors are very pigmented. But it is easy to apply them sheer if you like and then build color. I will say that I am rather fair, so this kind of stuff tends to show up pretty well on me. Darker skin tones may need more building. They do not blend together very well but apply over the lid amazingly. If you’re trying to have a slow fade from one color to another you might have some difficulty, but my favorite thing to do with these shades is one color across the lid then the grey color in the crease, blending just enough that there isn’t a line between the two, but that each shade still stands out (I’ll show you in the upcoming 5 Days 5 Looks). I also had some fallout, but it cleaned up easily.

Final grade: 4/5


Swatches left to right: Star, Clementine, Meow, Dope, Doom, Gloom, Dagger, Skull


Did anyone else get this? What are your favorite looks to create?

Sephora Play! January box


As you can tell from the background in this picture, I got a new comforter for Christmas, and I LOVE it! It’s so fluffy and comfy. I get so happy when I curl up in it at night.

But on to this month’s Sephora box. Plenty of great stuff here, as usual.

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick – The description to this is a little complicated “Exfoliating gel cleanser in a unique twist-up stick format transforms from a solid gel to a cleansing lather that gently sloughs away impurities”. I don’t know about this, but we’ll give it a shot.

Youth To The People Age Prevention Cream – Basically a moisturizer. Can always use another one of those.

Ouai Treatment Masque – The last mask I got in my Play box was awesome, and so was the last Ouai product. This should be good.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – This is a little darker than I usually go, but should be interesting.

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact – They gave this CC cream in two shades so hopefully one of them actually matches my skin. I usually have trouble with skin color samples.

Tory Butch Love Relentlessly – I’m always down to try new perfume. 

Has anyone used any of these products yet? What did you think?

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette Review

I’m trying to get on a new blogging schedule, but every time I try stuff gets in the way. First it’s either I’m really busy (two weeks ago), or I’m having a mole removed (a week and a half) or I’m sick (all last week). Maybe one day I’ll get it down. Oh well. On to the good stuff for today.


Since I have spent so much time talking about new products coming out and ones I don’t really want to spend the money on, I figured I would devote today’s post to a product I already own and love – Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette. This is 21 shades of mostly bright colors. You guys know how much I love bright colors. The palettes always look way more fun than yet another selection of brown and taupes. Plus the packaging looks great, in typical UD fashion.


The shades are AMAZING, and it comes with perfectly useful brush. All colors are velvety smooth, and the color in the pan is true to how it looks on the skin. Plus, they’re all long lasting. There is some subtle shades that are a little more work friendly alongside the neons. Since doing 21 swatches seemed a little too time consuming, I thought I would just showcase a few of my favorites. img_0133

From left to right we have:

Minx – It looks black here but it is actually a super saturated midnight navy. It’s lovely and a great alternative to black when doing a smoky eye.

Blindsided – I use this color all the time as an eyeliner for a fun pop of color into my everyday look. I might have an unhealthy attraction to teal shadow.

Gossip – Hot pink shadows are my new favorite thing.

Alchemy – I don’t know why I love this color. But it’s gorgeous.

Goldmine – This is work appropriate glam glitter. ‘Nuff said.

And just in case this palette wasn’t amazing enough, if you haven’t bought it already, it’s been marked down everywhere to only $39. What’s stopping you now?

Who else has this? What’s your favorite colors?

Burberry Fall 2016

This show was interesting, mostly due to timing, as it just took place barely a week ago. The whole idea of see now buy now shows has been slowly trickling in this season, with a few designers showing Fall this fashion week instead of the traditional spring. Tommy Hilfiger even had a special event where you could purchase items online as they were walking down the runway. In my opinion, Burberry did it best. They did a livestream of the show, and clothing was available to purchase online immediately after the show was over.


The reason why Burberry wins points for me is because they really toed the line between see-now-wear-now fall and the traditional showing of the Spring lines in September. As chief creative Christopher Bailey said in an interview with Vogue magazine this month, he believes that we are living in an era of seasonless dressing, that many women have a “uniform” that they wear, adding a few new pieces each season that they bring in to their regular rotation. Which I agree with. Except for maxi skirts and my heaviest sweaters, I wear pretty much my entire wardrobe year round, just mixing pieces in different ways according to weather.


Bailey did seasonless wear well this show. Fabrics were mostly light to medium weight, perfect for layering, with a few jackets thrown in for fall. Colors were ones traditionally seen at Spring shows, lots of blues and greens and pinks, but tones were more muted, making them transition seamlessly into fall. I think he really understands what today’s women need, and more designers should take note.


Plus, I also like how Burberry showed their men’s and women’s collections in one event. I’ve always found purely menswear shows to be boring and am unexcited by the lack of variety and newness to the looks. But when men and women walk the same runway, and a cohesive theme is felt between the collections, I am more inspired to pay attention. In all things, Bailey is a genius.


Too Faced Better Together Collection

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday! The season of presents is over. But just in case you got everything on your wants list this year and need the next thing to look forward to, Too Faced dropped another makeup collection this morning….


The Better Together collection is a collaboration between Too Faced and Kat Von D, and is the perfect combination of one brand’s perfect prettiness and the hard edge of the other. Both brands have excellent quality and the colors look great.

Unfortunately, for me that is where the greatness ends. I think the prices are a little steep and the range is basically nonexistent. The eye set, above, retails for $65 and in my opinion just looks big and bulky for only having 12 eyeshadows. Yeah you get eyeliner and mascara as well, but I’m still not impressed.

If you’re a collector and a big fan of both brands then go for it. Me, I’ll save my cash for the next thing.

Sephora Play! December Box


I am in love with this month’s box. And the bag is great. Usually the makeup bags that these come in are cheap white screen printed bags, and this one is better quality, black and gold. Definitely fits with New Years Eve, just like this entire box goes along with the Partygoers theme.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – this is the best setting spray I’ve ever used, and having a travel sized one is perfect. This alone is pretty much worth the entire box.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara – minus the fact that I can’t pronounce this product (I have a hard time with Lancome), I am glad for this. You all know how much I love getting mascara samples.

Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primer – Like I need more primer. But I’ll take it.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Always Red – This lip color is a true red. I have never used true red before, and I’m nervous to see how it looks with my skintone. But I’m excited to have a trial one so I don’t invest a lot of money into a lip stain that may not work out.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo – I have heard good things about Drybar products. Looking forward to using this.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose – YEEESSSSSSSSSSSS


Any opinions or things I should know about any of the products? Hopefully now that I have more free time, I’ll be able to actually do reviews.