When I got this palette I was super excited. I am obsessed with just about everything Urban Decay comes out with for the Naked line (excluding the Flushed blushes, as I have up cheek makeup except highlighter), and I thought the idea of doing a pretty much exclusively matte (just the one highlight color has a semi-shimmer, the rest are matte) palette was brilliant. I ordered it the day it was released and took pics the second it came out of the box. And that’s where the excitement ended. And that’s where the excitement ended. Most of the shades are sheer and very nude. I know that buying a palette called Naked and being disappointed in it being mostly nude shades seems like a dumb thing, but none of the other Naked palettes are like this; they’re all neutral shades that can give a massive impact.

I used it for about a week and have barely touched it since. So when my mom and I were at Sephora a couple weekends ago and she expressed interest in the palette, I told her she could just have mine next time I see her. Since I have an excessive amount of palettes and was just thinking recently how I need to go on a spending freeze until I use up pretty much all of them, this just helps me out as well.

Before I handed it over, I decided that I should do a 5 Days 5 Looks with it, just to make sure I was alright with giving it up. Most of the looks are pretty boring, as I was just uninspired by the palette. Also my hair is awful in multiple pictures because it was a rough week of unloading boxes in a warehouse.

Day 1


This day I purposely did wear something very nude, as there was a lip shade from the Vice lip palette I hadn’t tried yet calling my name, and I always wear nude shadow when trying a new lipstick in case the color ends up being super bright. I don’t want to go to work feeling like a clown. There is a slightly different nude shade in the crease for definition, and a gold eyeliner on my lower lash line for shimmer. I also used the same color as a highlight all week as it’s the only shade in the palette that’s any good for a highlight.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Blow
Lid – Nudie
Crease – Commando

Day 2


For this the eyeshadow got a little heavy, and the smudge under my eye got a little crazy and gave me a bit of raccoon eye. Thankfully this pic makes it look a little better, but I was really not loving this throughout the day. I had been running late to work that morning and just did not have the proper time to fix it. I basically just blended a lighter shade into the crease to soften the edges a bit.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Blow
Lid – Magnet
Crease – Faith

Day 3


This time I went with nude because I wanted to focus on a trick with eyeliner I was trying. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned. I did a blue on the inner half of my eye and a navy on the outer half. It ended up so that it was impossible to tell there were two different colors unless you were right up on it. Next time I will have to try colors that are not so like each other.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Blow
Lid –  Pre-Game
Outer Corner – Lookout

Day 4img_0175

This time I went with a color that was just not nude enough to be interesting. I liked it, but not enough to make it worth the palette. There’s the gold on my lower lid again. I’m kind of disappointed in that eyeliner so I’m trying to use it up. You will probably be seeing it a lot.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Blow
Lid – Tempted
Crease – Instinct

Day 5


This is the only color from the palette that I really love. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I was just in a hurry to take pictures before a lunch plan that I had, and then forgot until after I took my makeup off for the night that I had wanted to try and take more. Oh well. Also this liner color is worthless compared to Blackout, which comes in several other UD sets.

Colors Used:
Highlight – Blow
Lid – Lethal
Liner – Blackjack

See what I mean? Uninspired. Momma can definitely have this one.

Who else has this palette. What do you think of it?


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