First things first: I got my dream job! I’m so pumped. I have been struggling since college and now it finally all feels worth it. That degree and debt now actually had a result. As a congratulations to myself I went on a little shopping spree, and while there I picked up this baby at Sephora.

Also, this is the last eyeshadow palette I am allowed to buy for a really long time. A few days before getting my offer, I realized that I have 19 eye palettes. What on earth am I doing with that much eyeshadow?! No more for me until I actually use up some of these. My stash has officially gotten ridiculous.


I did let myself buy this one though, as both a congratulations and so this way I could round out my collection with an even 20 and keep it at an even number. Plus I haven’t had a Kat Von D Palette before and this baby was calling my name.

This is a really interesting one, because it isn’t your typical collection of bright eye colors. Most bold palettes are full of shimmers, but this bad boy is all matte. That combined with the fact that these shades are somehow both bright and subtle at the same time makes it way more acceptable for work. I have had so much fun playing around with it for the last few days. So much fun that I’m thinking about bringing back my “5 Days 5 Looks” series and starting with this palette.


The colors, as you can see if the two pictures of swatches (I took them under two different lightings cause the lighting in my house sucks) the colors are very pigmented. But it is easy to apply them sheer if you like and then build color. I will say that I am rather fair, so this kind of stuff tends to show up pretty well on me. Darker skin tones may need more building. They do not blend together very well but apply over the lid amazingly. If you’re trying to have a slow fade from one color to another you might have some difficulty, but my favorite thing to do with these shades is one color across the lid then the grey color in the crease, blending just enough that there isn’t a line between the two, but that each shade still stands out (I’ll show you in the upcoming 5 Days 5 Looks). I also had some fallout, but it cleaned up easily.

Final grade: 4/5


Swatches left to right: Star, Clementine, Meow, Dope, Doom, Gloom, Dagger, Skull


Did anyone else get this? What are your favorite looks to create?


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