I’m trying to get on a new blogging schedule, but every time I try stuff gets in the way. First it’s either I’m really busy (two weeks ago), or I’m having a mole removed (a week and a half) or I’m sick (all last week). Maybe one day I’ll get it down. Oh well. On to the good stuff for today.


Since I have spent so much time talking about new products coming out and ones I don’t really want to spend the money on, I figured I would devote today’s post to a product I already own and love – Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette. This is 21 shades of mostly bright colors. You guys know how much I love bright colors. The palettes always look way more fun than yet another selection of brown and taupes. Plus the packaging looks great, in typical UD fashion.


The shades are AMAZING, and it comes with perfectly useful brush. All colors are velvety smooth, and the color in the pan is true to how it looks on the skin. Plus, they’re all long lasting. There is some subtle shades that are a little more work friendly alongside the neons. Since doing 21 swatches seemed a little too time consuming, I thought I would just showcase a few of my favorites. img_0133

From left to right we have:

Minx – It looks black here but it is actually a super saturated midnight navy. It’s lovely and a great alternative to black when doing a smoky eye.

Blindsided – I use this color all the time as an eyeliner for a fun pop of color into my everyday look. I might have an unhealthy attraction to teal shadow.

Gossip – Hot pink shadows are my new favorite thing.

Alchemy – I don’t know why I love this color. But it’s gorgeous.

Goldmine – This is work appropriate glam glitter. ‘Nuff said.

And just in case this palette wasn’t amazing enough, if you haven’t bought it already, it’s been marked down everywhere to only $39. What’s stopping you now?

Who else has this? What’s your favorite colors?


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