This show was interesting, mostly due to timing, as it just took place barely a week ago. The whole idea of see now buy now shows has been slowly trickling in this season, with a few designers showing Fall this fashion week instead of the traditional spring. Tommy Hilfiger even had a special event where you could purchase items online as they were walking down the runway. In my opinion, Burberry did it best. They did a livestream of the show, and clothing was available to purchase online immediately after the show was over.


The reason why Burberry wins points for me is because they really toed the line between see-now-wear-now fall and the traditional showing of the Spring lines in September. As chief creative Christopher Bailey said in an interview with Vogue magazine this month, he believes that we are living in an era of seasonless dressing, that many women have a “uniform” that they wear, adding a few new pieces each season that they bring in to their regular rotation. Which I agree with. Except for maxi skirts and my heaviest sweaters, I wear pretty much my entire wardrobe year round, just mixing pieces in different ways according to weather.


Bailey did seasonless wear well this show. Fabrics were mostly light to medium weight, perfect for layering, with a few jackets thrown in for fall. Colors were ones traditionally seen at Spring shows, lots of blues and greens and pinks, but tones were more muted, making them transition seamlessly into fall. I think he really understands what today’s women need, and more designers should take note.


Plus, I also like how Burberry showed their men’s and women’s collections in one event. I’ve always found purely menswear shows to be boring and am unexcited by the lack of variety and newness to the looks. But when men and women walk the same runway, and a cohesive theme is felt between the collections, I am more inspired to pay attention. In all things, Bailey is a genius.



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