As I realized today, there is not one, but TWO versions of the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick palette. Do you realize how amazing this is?

The previously released version – Blackmail Vice, is available for sale at Ulta and through Urban Decay. But as I saw in my email today, Sephora has its own exclusive version – Junkie Vice.

Both options have twelve shades; three cross over between palettes while the other 9 colors differ.

After spending an extensive part of my workday comparing the two, in my opinion Sephora has the better option. But this might be because I already have full size bullets of two shades included in Blackmail. Junkie also includes shade Junkie, a dark metallic teal shade I would love to try but don’t feel like shelling out the cash for a full size for a color I may not like. Junkie isn’t like a neutral or a pink, teal is a hard shade to pull off but seems like a fun one to have.

Picture from

Colors included in Junkie:

Disturbed (deep brick red)
714 (bright red)
Carnal (medium warm nude)
Safe Word (neutral nude-pink)
Studded (metallic grey-brown)
Whip (soft pink with gold shimmer)
Wrath (metallic red)
Big Bang (bright pink sparkle)
Firebird (deep fuchsia)
Vanity Kills (lavender)
Speedball (deep vibrant purple)
Junkie (metallic teal shimmer)

Picture from

Colors included in Blackmail:

Sheer Shame (berry)
Big Bang
Disobedient (medium pink)
EZ (bright red orange)
Vanished (pale neutral nude)
1993 (medium brown)
Ex-Girlfriend (nude rose with pink shimmer)
Amulet (metallic brick rose)
Conspiracy (plum bronze shimmer)
Blackmail (deep berry wine)


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