The Devil Wears Prada is my second favorite movie. I watch it probably 9 or 10 times a year. Not kidding. It’s an excellent satire of the fashion world. It’s entertaining. It always cheers me up if I’m having a bad day. It’s great to have on in the background if the house is too quiet. Basically, it’s perfection.


Most fashion girls probably relate (or at least they seem to relate) to Emily. But often when I watch the movie, Andrea seems more like me. Even though I love fashion and the industry, I still often feel like an outsider. The other girls always seem more polished and have way more knowledge. Maybe that’s my small town background combined with my current Midwest living. I don’t know. I never feel as if I am enough of a fashion girl. But I will always keep trying.


Below are my Confessions of an Andrea in an Emily Filled World: quotes and thoughts about the movie that sums up what’s it’s really like to be a fashion girl and yet feel like you’re always just outside it.


“To jobs that pay the rent” When you first start you’re probably going to be working a crappy job for little pay. I want to be a buyer. Unfortunately, it’s a hard position to get in to, and the area I live in does not have many opportunities. All I could find was a job as a store manager of a boutique, a position that involved some buying assistant duties. While that job was great, unfortunately the store closed. Now I’m telemarketing while I look for my next thing. It happens. Some people do like Andrea and take assistant jobs. You do what you have to and work your ass off until you get your “break”.


“Can you please spell Gabbana?” Seriously. Some of those designer names are hard. Woe to those who pronounce Givenchy “Ga-vin-chee” (common rookie mistake).


“I’m sorry, do you have some prior commitment? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?” No matter what you wear, there will always be someone better dressed in the latest designer and who will look more fashionable. You just have to cultivate your personal style and own it.


“That’s really what this multi billion dollar industry is all about anyway, isn’t it? Inner beauty” One of my biggest gripes about haters of the fashion industry is the idea that it’s frivolous and meaningless. I get that we are having huge discussions about skirt length and not, say, curing cancer. But people need an escape when life gets tough. And fashion is an excellent way to do that. Many of us work killer long hours, either because of the wacky retail schedule, communicating with suppliers in other countries, or all the traveling involved with trade shows. It can be draining. And some days it is HARD. Most people I know are college educated and super smart. It’s not an industry full of Rachel Greens out there. We probably work just as hard, if not harder than most other industries out there. We just like to look good while doing it.


“Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking” Very few things in this industry are truly a unique idea anymore. Plaid is in just about every fall and it is always treated as a big deal. If you have not yet seen the scene where Miranda explains to Andrea the history of her cerulean sweater, look it up, because it’s amazing.


“Why do women need so many bags?” Because we do. And shoes.

“Everybody wants to be us” No matter how much of a bitch she is, all of us have a dream (even if it’s just a fantasy and not an actual goal) of being Miranda Priestly.

“Sometimes I can’t believe I talk about this crap all day.” Sometimes I can’t either.


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