Little background story here. You may remember from my July Purchases post, that I purchased this eyeshadow from Urban Decay in color Woodstock:


It is a gorgeous seriously bright colored pink. I was drawn to it, but couldn’t figure out how I was going to wear it, as hot pink can look a little odd if not done right. But I grabbed it anyway, mostly because it was free (yay birthday gift) and decided I would figure it out later.

Well this weekend I finally got a look that I really liked, and could maybe actually wear to work. I started with a matte brown eyeshadow in the crease, just to soften the edges, and loaded that up. Then I popped Woodstock on the lid, blending it into the crease color so it faded out. I topped that with a thick-ish eyeliner on the top lid (brown in these pictures, but I did it again with black two days later and liked that as well) and a subtle line on bottom lashes (grey, as always). And in a couple coats of mascara and you’re all set. It was easy and I love it. There’s a good chance I will be wearing this look a lot – color is everything.



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