Normally I gravitate towards BareMinerals for foundation selections, but this time I was feeling something different. Thanks to the lovely little tool that Sephora has that can tell you everything they have in your perfect shade, I had quite a few options. After some very short deliberation, I settled on one by Benefit Cosmetics. The product names and packaging of all their products is super cute, and I have read so many rave reviews that I felt it was time to try some for myself.

I went with a powder formula as when I bought it summer was still in full swing, and my house doesn’t have air conditioning. Powder foundations are less likely to have face melt off. I have been using this product for just over a month, so I have had enough time to really use and understand the product.


Conveniently, the little foundation compact includes both a sponge and brush. The instructions say to use the brush for sheer coverage and the sponge for medium to full coverage. After using both, I prefer the sponge. The brush’s coverage is just too sheer for my liking; I still feel like I have to do more spot color correcting than I wish. The sponge is much better – I get full coverage that lasts, and my additional concealing is very minimal. However, the sponge that come with it gets gross very easily and doesn’t wash clean. You have to either buy more sponges or do what I have been doing since I threw out the included sponge – move on to your BeautyBlender. The BeautyBlender application has so far been my favorite. The coverage is even better than with the benefit sponge, it takes only like 3 minutes to do my whole face, and I can wash the BeautyBlender clean.

I love the color options in this foundation. There is a shade that matches my face perfectly, something that feels like a rare option in makeup. The coverage is awesome, and the fact that you can choose less or more is great. It lasts all day and doesn’t feel heavy on my face. The one downside is the actual compact isn’t lasting as long as I would hope. I’ve only been using it like a month, and I already have about a 1/4 inch circle where I have hit pan. Which might actually be a good thing. Sometimes I feel like I use my foundations longer than I should. This way I use it up in good time. We’ll see how quickly I go through the rest.

Overall score : 4/5 Would definitely buy again and try other Benefit products


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