This month there’s really only two new products that I want, but I’m pretty determined to have both, even if I have to survive on peanut butter and jelly or cereal to be able to afford them.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette

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Retailing at $35 this is a pretty good deal, considering that you get 12 lip colors. Sure there’s not as much product as a full size product, but how often do you really use an entire tube anyway? The colors that come in it are gorgeous, the packaging is pretty, and it has a cool little shield to make sure your colors don’t get messy. The shield has their tagline “lipstick is my vice” printed on it. It even includes a retractable lip brush! Currently the palette is only available at Ulta, but I’m hoping it will be available other places soon. Ulta is too far away for an easy drive, I don’t need anything else to qualify for free shipping, and I have a thing against paying shipping charges unless I absolutely have to. If only they would start selling it on; you get free shipping on all orders for being a UD Beauty Junkie.

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics

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If you’re like me, you want all the the (full size) Naked eyeshadow palettes. The newest addition comes out on September 18 (more time to figure out how to pay for it yay) and retails for the same price as the rest of them – $54. All 10 shades in this gorgeous shadow box are matte. I will be buying this one on it’s release date, so watch this blog for more.


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