I’ve heard a lot of good things about BarkBox, and I had just a little extra cash this month so I figured I would try it out. For those of you who don’t know, BarkBox is a subscription service that sends you treats and toys for your pup every month. I only signed up for a one month subscription, which I promptly canceled after receiving my box, as I cannot afford the $20 it costs every month. I would love to continue it though, as the stuff that comes is super unique and my dogs love it. Each box is meant for one dog, but I figured my two boys can share.


Every month has its own theme, and the July box was called Peace Ruv Happiness, with 60s themed toys. The little bus squeaks when squeezed and the hippie man squeaks when shaken. The best part of the little bus is that the entire thing is a squeak spot, which my one dog can’t get enough of, as he has trouble figuring out how squeak toys work.

Items Included:

Lucy’s Magic Bus squeak toy
Ozzy the Hippie noise toy
Etta Says Crunchy Buffalo Toy – this one my dogs aren’t getting unless I can figure out how to break it into smaller pieces; my one dog gets territorial over treats if he doesn’t eat them right away
Peanut Butter Pleasers – all dogs love peanut butter flavored treats
Farmers Market Duck and Vegetable Recipe – I’m a little nervous about this one, as the last time I got my dogs duck flavored treats the smell was awful, so we’ll see how this goes

All in all I would say the total was worth the money, I just can’t afford it on the regular basis. Whenever I get a job with a big pay raise though, my dogs are going to be spoiled.

Have you guys ever gotten a BarkBox for your pups? Did you like it?


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