In case you couldn’t tell by my lack of posting it last week, I decided to take a break for a couple weeks from 5 Days 5 Looks posts. The reason is partially because I got a new job and I wanted to play it neutral for a little while to see how the office environment was to feel out how creative I could get and partially because I got several new products lately that I wanted to play with a test out. Don’t worry though, 5 Days 5 Looks will be back next week.

Because I didn’t do a 5 Days 5 Looks this week I felt  had to share this makeup of the day. The reason is all about the lip color. Several weeks ago, I was flipping through tv channels and saw this girl gorgeous shiny lips a shade perfectly between purple and pink. I decided I had to have it. The hunt was on, and after buying/testing a million different colors, I finally found it. Since I saw the show in May, and being a reality show it probably was filmed several months prior, it probably is not the exact lipstick worn on the show, as the color I bought was a Vice lipstick that was just released in June. But the shade is perfect, which is the most important part. I’m so glad I found it, and it looks amazing on. It will definitely be one for the regular rotation.

Featured product:

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Venom


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