I downloaded this guy on Ibooks a couple months ago when I read a review in Elle. In case you haven’t heard anything about it yet, it’s a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. I thought I would love it, as I usually find retellings of my favorite classics very enjoyable. However, I was disappointed in this one. On the whole, it was a pretty decent book. But Pride and Prejudice appears to be one of the few tales that just does not modernize well. In order to make the story believable for present day, the language is butchered. The language is half the story. And I just wasn’t a fan of the whole Liz and Darcy having hate sex thing.

One thing that did transition well to a present day telling was Darcy’s “I hate that I love you, but will you marry me” speech. However, in this version he just asks her to date, but the idea is there. It captures the feel of the Austen version perfectly while being all modern in language. Love it.

What did you guys think of the book?


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