Over this past week or so, Zoya was running a buy three, get three free deal, plus free shipping! Because I hadn’t bought nail polish since the fall, and I have been dying to update my collection with the type of colors I have been in to lately (Pastels, nudes, and muted colors, all really saturated versions), I went for it. Totally worth it, as all these colors rock!


I’ve only used two of the colors yet, but they’re all so pretty in the bottle that I can’t wait to use more. Normally I try colors quicker by painting my fingernails and toenails, but even though I am currently obsessed with these muted tones on my fingers, with as pale as my skin tone is I can’t handle anything other than dark/bright colors on my toes. If it was winter and no one was seeing my feet I would totally be going for it anyway, but sandal season is in full force.

I rarely buy any polish other than Zoya any more (to see why, check out the pros and cons at  the end of this post)

Colors I Purchased

Lake – This I got because my other pale blue (I jumped on that a few years ago when it was the hottest trend, and it’s still a favorite an in regular rotation) was getting a little empty. This one isn’t as bright as my last version, which I think I like better. I’ve only been wearing it 10 minutes, but I feel that you are going to be seeing a lot of this color.

Eastyn – Zoya describes this as a “grayed grape” which I think is a perfect description. It looks just like that home decor color that’s currently all the rage. Definitely excited to give this a try.

Ireland – A green halfway between mint green and moss, this is a great addition to my green polish collection (most of my polishes are blue, purple, or green).

Rue – I wonder if this color was named after the Hunger Games character? Zoya has so many colors it’s hard to keep track when they come out. I picked this one up because I wanted a different nude, and this has some pink tones to it – not my usual, but I think it’s going to go pretty well.

Misty – This is the other color I’ve tried from the shipment. I wore it the second half of last week. It looks like a nude lost in a fog. I think I really like it.

Purity – White nail polish is a necessity. It’s less expected (and therefore way more badass) than black, which makes it my go to if I’m looking for a bit of edge. Plus, if your pastels are too sheer for your liking, throwing a coat or two of white underneath brightens up the look.

Zoya Pros and Cons


Big 5 Free – The most harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish are absent (most important pro)

Impressive color selection – if you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere

Quality – Relatively chip free, even without a top coat

Intensity- Almost every color I’ve tried is saturated enough that 1-2 coats gives the perfect look


Price – $9-$10 a bottle, the highest I ever want to pay

Convenience- Zoya is sold only in select salons or online, no just picking it up during your weekly drugstore or Sephora run

Shipping – They take forever to ship. This annoys me every time I order

If you haven’t checked out Zoya yet, definitely do so, at Zoya.com

What colors are you guys in to this season?


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