I thought I would do something a little different this time. Instead of using one palette for 5 days, I decided to do five different looks using my new Vice Lipsticks. I did get six of them, but after trying on color Twitch, I thought it looked too cotton candy to me, and was just unflattering. As pretty as those colors look, they’re just not for me. So here are five looks with the colors I kept.

Day 1 – Amulet


This color is a bit of a brownish red. Today was the Twenty One Pilots concert, so I wanted to try something fun and different from my normal. Amulet is a metallized finished, which is high gloss. I feel like that keeps the color from looking too much like 90s grunge. I’m really thinking I like this one. Will definitely be in my usual rotation.

Day 2 – Sheer Rapture


Today I wanted a subtle lipstick, since I did one of my favorite dark eye looks. This color is perfect. It’s like my natural color, just smoother and more consistent. This will probably soon turn into my everyday color. I need something for my bolder eye look days, which are most days.

Day 3 – Seismic


This color was VERY sheer, which was a little disappointing. The color did build up though to be a little bolder, just not where I wanted. After wearing it for a while I decided that it is nice to have something that is just a hint of color, so I’m definitely going to keep it. But I was hoping for something a little darker.

Day 4 – Psycho


When I bought this color I wondered what a “comfort matte” finish was. It ended up being really cool. Psycho has a matte base, with some glitter flecks in it for a subtle shimmer. Pretty much my new favorite finish. Can I get this in every color please?

Day 5 – Crank


This color was a little more fuchsia than I usually do. But it was fun, and will probably get regular use. It was a good addition to my collection. I like Psycho better, though.

My new Vice lipsticks are fun, and now I want like every other shade, especially the comfort matte ones. My two favorite colors from this purchase were Psycho and Amulet.


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