I have been seeing stuff about TRESemme’s new Beauty Full Volume collection everywhere. The deal is not just that it’s supposed to give you fuller hair, but that it’s a Reverse System – you condition, then shampoo. Sounded a little weird to me, so I always just bypassed it. Then I got a sample in the mail the other day, so I decided to give it a shot.


Sadly, my review of this product is not very good. Conditioning as Step 1 felt fine to start. My problem came with the shampoo. Normally, immediately after shampooing my hair, I’m left with a weird texture – sort of like a very very very very toned down version of that over dried straw-like feeling you get when you bleach your hair too long (all of us home bleachers have done it at least once). I use conditioner to make my hair feel all soft and good again. When I used the reverse system, I was hoping that the shampoo would not leave my hair with that texture. I was wrong. When my hair felt dry, and I had already conditioned it as part of Step 1, I was left with a now what feeling. It stayed that way until after I got out of the shower, towel dried my hair, and combed a leave in conditioner through it. Maybe after several uses your hair gets used to the system and balances out. Unfortunately, the sample size is good for only one to two uses, so I will never know.

One pro of this product is the cost, about $5 each for the conditioner and shampoo at Target.

All in all, would I buy this product for regular use? Probably not. Fun to try though.


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