I’m introducing a new segment to the blog: 5 Days 5 Looks, where I use the same palette to create different eye looks for 5 days. The rules are that I can’t recreate the same look or reuse colors. For my first post of this type I decided to go with the Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced. The way this palette smells is so delicious I keep looking for excuses to use it, and since it’s not my usual colors this will challenge me to change things up.

Day 1

Today was my day off, so I just wanted an easy look for hanging around my friends’ house.

Colors used:
White Peach (highlight)
Just Peachy (lid)
Delectable (worn as eyeliner)

Day 2

This was my day off again, but I wanted to play around with my favorite color in the palette. I used a different highlight color than normal though, and I think it turned out too orange/peachy for my skin tone. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.


Colors used:
Luscious (highlight)
Bless Her Heart (lid)
Cobbler (crease)
Tempting (worn as eyeliner)

Day 3

Today I decided to play with colors I hadn’t yet. I really liked the way this turned out. I also have to take a sidestep here to mention this lip color: Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B. It has become my favorite lipstick. I wear it probably three times a week.


Colors used:
Nectar (highlight)
Bellini (lid)
Peach Pit (crease and outer corner)
Talk Derby To Me (worn as eyeliner)

Day 4

I entertained myself on my lunch at work by making weird faces at my phone camera, so sorry about the awkward look on my face. I realized as I was getting ready this morning that I was out of eyeliner colors in the palette, so in order to avoid reusing some, I dipped into my Urban Decay eyeliner collection with Perversion.


Colors used:
Peaches ‘N Cream (highlight)
Caramelized (lid)
Charmed, I’m Sure (crease)

Day 5

This is the day I woke up sick, but had to go in to work anyway since no one was available to open for me. Thankfully a keyholder was able to close and I left after only a few hours, but my makeup was already done at that point. I look awful in this picture cause I feel awful, but my eyeshadow was on point. It ended up looking a lot like day 4, but lighter with a touch more reddish tones to the browns. My eyeliner here is Muse by Urban Decay, also to avoid reusing palette colors.


Colors used:
Georgia (highlight)
Puree (lid)
Summer Yum (crease)

This whole 5 Days 5 Looks thing was fun. I think I’ll try it with all my palettes. It got to be a little bit of a challenge the last two days, since I have a habit of getting really into 1-2 colors in a palette and just wanting to use those over and over again. In this palette I used every color over the course of these days except for color Candied Peach. I’ve used this color before, and I am not a fan. It’s too orange for my skin tone.

Let me know if there’s any specific palette you guys want me to try with!


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