A few weeks ago I got my first VoxBox in the mail from Influenster! I love that site. I’ve been sick a lot over the last few weeks, so it took me a while to try all the products, but now that I have I want to share them with you guys.


Ecos Laundry Detergent


They only sent a one time use sample, so I only got to use this product the one time. They sent it to me because they needed people to try a hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Since my skin is not that sensitive, I cannot really speak to the hypoallergenic-ness of it, but I love the fact that it’s all natural. I’m currently in the process of trying to replace all my cleaning products with environmentally friendly alternatives, so this was great. According to the price list included from Influenster, the price of this is pretty reasonable. Plus. it smells great.

Eatsmart Chips in Spicy Black Bean


The texture of these chips was delicious- fresh and crisp. The flavor was a little too spicy for my taste. Maybe they would taste better with a mild cheese or salsa to tone it down. I would totally be up for trying a different flavor though.

Clairol Hair Food


This product smelled amazing too! There was a lot of that in this box. Hair Food was a good deal for the price. But the results didn’t quite compare to those I get from my expensive shampoos and conditioners from Sephora. Frankly, I’d rather just spend the extra money there and get better hair.

Orgain Protein Powder in Vanilla Bean


I’m not normally a protein powder fan, but this was pretty good. I did just mix it with water, according to the package directions, but I think it would be pretty delicious in milk or a smoothie. It came with a $5 coupon off a full size, so I will probably be doing that. It comes in chocolate flavor too, which is awesome!

Curate Snack Bar


This I did not like. I wish I was a fan of protein snack bars, since they’re healthy, and I could really use some more healthy in my life. But the texture just feels like something someone else already ate. The flavor was decent though. If you are a protein snack bar person, definitely try this.


All in all I would probably give this box 4/5. I really liked most of the products in it and would probably purchase many of them again.

What did you guys think of your box?


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