Urban Decay released their newest collection yesterday, Vice Lipstick, and I got my hands on a few.


They look amazing right! I wanted to go crazy and buy a bunch, but with being really broke right now and getting laid off soon, I had to limit myself. They new lipstick comes in 6 finished, so I got one of each. Since I’m still getting over being real sick last week, I didn’t want to wear any and risk contaminating them. So I swatched them on my arm. They feel so creamy and smooth, and I can’t wait to wear them. The Sheer and Sheer Shimmer finishes are really sheer, but cool looking.

I’ll post lip swatches later!


Left to right:
Sheer Rapture (Sheer)
Seismic (Sheer Shimmer)
Twitch (Cream)
Crank (Mega Matte)
Amulet (Metallized)
Psycho (Comfort Matte)

Did you guys get yours yet? What do you think?!


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