Every season or so, it seems as if there is one trend that takes some work to master. Some of them I get in to, some of them are not my thing (I never learned to contour, and probably never will). Color correcting seemed pretty useful though, so I thought it was worth the effort.

I bought a color correcting kit from Sephora. All things considered, I think it was a good buy. The price was good for getting the right colors to correct all issue. Plus, it came with directions, making it super easy to use. Now that I know what I’m doing though, I think that when I start to run out of colors I’m going to buy them individually instead of in palettes. This way I don’t have concealer I am unable to use, as the darker shades here are too deep for me.


This palette comes in two shade options: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. Since I’m pretty fair I picked out the Light/Medium option. If you need the Medium/Dark some of your colors are going to be a little different.


Sephora recommends doing your color correcting before foundation. In my experience, when applying liquid foundation over this it tends to take off your color correcting creams. When using liquid foundation, I apply that first. However, when applying creams on top of a powder foundation the texture can get a little weird. And applying powder foundation on top of color corrections doesn’t wipe it off as much. So when using powder foundation, I apply color corrections first. In the pictures below, I used liquid foundation, so I did that step first before any of the following.

To Correct Dark Circles:


Apply your color correcting cream in a violet, red, or orange shade depending on your skin tone. This will neutralize dark circles. The apply concealer and blend.


To Cover Acne:


For acne or any redness, use a yellow or green color corrector, depending on the severity of the redness. In my opinion, yellow is the best for blemishes, since it’s the easiest to cover with concealer and when you need to build it, it’s less obvious. Dot the color corrector over the blemish, covering just the red area. Then dab concealer over the color corrector, going just outside the previously applied area a little bit so you can blend the concealer into your foundation.

To Cover Larger Red Areas:


Apply your color corrector over the area. I find it easiest to apply in streaks and blend out.


Then do the same with your concealer.

After all your color correcting and concealing steps, blend and apply setting powder. My face on the left side of the following picture is color corrected; the right side is not. The lighting in my bathroom is not great, but if you look close you can see what a difference color correcting makes in my skin tone and how awake I look.


Below is the finished look, with blush, bronzer and lipstick.


Color correcting is pretty simple when you get the hang of it. Hope this helps anyone out there that needed it!



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