I am a rather pale person. I refuse to go tanning for two reasons: 1) I don’t want skin cancer 2) I don’t want to be super dark, just have a little color. And I can’t use self tanner because any time I do Boyfriend has a fit about the smell. Which puts me in a little bit of a dilemma. I am always on the hunt for a body bronzer that will give me good color and last.


Enter Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Zero Tanlines Allover Body Bronzer. I’m not a huge Benefit fan, but I’ve heard good things about their products so I decided to try it. One plus about this product is that it comes with a little applicator sponge so you don’t end up with orange hands.


You squirt the bronzer onto the sponge then “apply in broad circular strokes”. It has the color and consistency of a self tanner. For the most part the sponge works really well. I had one small spot under my knee where it got a little streaky, but I just used the heel of my palm to buff it out and it turned out good.

I didn’t notice much difference in my leg after I first applied the color, but after comparing it to my bare one (as in the following picture) it was definitely a little bronzer. Which is perfect. This way my legs aren’t so dark compared to the rest of my body that it’s super obvious that I’m wearing makeup. It looks just like me after having been in the sun for a couple hours – exactly what I’m looking for. The one downside was that it faded a bit by the time I got home from work, and when I tried to apply again to touch up the color for a night out it got a little more streaky. This product does not layer well. But while the color did fade, Hoola did not rub off or leave color on the inside of my clothes like other products have.


All in all I would give Hoola Body Bronzer a 4/5 – would buy again and probably recommend.

Has any one else used it? What body bronzers do you guys like?


4 thoughts on “Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Body Bronzer Review

  1. I’m a St. Tropez gal through and through, but after reading this one I might give it a try. I love the original hoolah bronzer but I was surprised to see benefit expanding to body care products. Great read, thanks for sharing!



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