I have a concert festival coming up this weekend, so today I started some light packing – the kinds of things that can lay in a bag for a couple days without inconveniencing me. I was trying to decide what eyeshadow to take (I’m trying to keep it to 1-2 palettes) so I laid them all out. You don’t realize how excessive your eyeshadow collection is until it’s all on your bedroom floor. Looking at them all, I still can’t decide which to take, but I decided to tell you guys about my favorite eyeshadow palettes.

The majority of my eyeshadow is very used, and the pictures included are of my collection. I apologize if some of them are not in clean and pristine condition.

Urban Decay Naked 2


If I had to pick just one eyeshadow palette for the rest of my life, this would be it. The entire color selection is amazing and has an incredible finish-it’s so shimmery it’s almost metallic. There is not one color in this palette I do not like. Plus, it includes the color Blackout. I almost never use eyeliner on my top lid; I prefer the look of shadow applied with a liner brush. And my favorite shadow as a liner color is Blackout. Any Urban Decay palette with this color automatically gets kicked up a couple notches in my opinion. The only downside to this palette is there are very few matte shadows. This really isn’t a big deal to me, as I prefer shimmer shadows anyway. But if you are a mostly matte person this may not be the palette for you.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons


Of the three Chocolate Bar palettes, this is my favorite. Like the entire collection, it smells delicious. But the heart shaped colors instead of squares is totally cute. This palette has a great mix of both shimmer and matte shades. Plus I love how Earl Grey looks awesome as both an eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Urban Decay Electric


This palette is the best for eyeshadow as eyeliner addicts like me. The colors are so vibrant that just small touches look incredible. All you need is eyeliner and your whole look is pulled together-perfect for those mornings you’re running short on time.

Too Faced Sweet Peach


Honestly I haven’t used this palette enough for it to really be a favorite like the other ones listed, but I can tell that it’s going to work it’s way up there. The smell alone makes me want to use it all the time, and the colors aren’t like the ones in all my other palettes.

And now for the disappointments

Of course I had to include that I wasn’t thrilled with the results

Urban Decay Vice 4


This is the only palette I’ve ever tried by UD that I didn’t like. The colors just don’t seem to last, and some of them on look nothing like they appear in the palette. No wonder it’s on sale everywhere, and it makes me nervous to try another Vice. I’m still good with every other UD collection though.

The Balm Balm Voyage


I bought this because I worked in a store that sold the Balm cosmetics and they kept talking about how great they were. I also saw lots of great things online about their other palettes and their highlighters and bronzers. While I might try the cheek products at some point, I was disappointed in the eyeshadow. The colors are kind of meh and there’s intense fallout. Plus the included lip glosses don’t feel great and and look awful on me. It wasn’t bad value for the price, but the price was pretty close to that of a similar palette by Urban Decay and Too Faced.

Well now that I shared these, let me know what you think. What are your favorite palettes? Which should I take with me this weekend?

Also stay tuned this weekend! I’m planning on posting Makeup of the Day and Outfit of the Day posts during the festival.


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