Sorry I have been absent for the last week. The nasty cold that has been passing through everyone in my house made it to me. And I am one of those people who unless I am physically unable to stand or make it through a day without passing out, I do not call off work. Work has used up all my energy, so I have had zero desire to post things. Now that I am well enough to get back into it, I thought I would share with you my top 5 tips to push through when you are sick

  1. DayQuill

    This may seem like a given, but if it’s not I would highly recommend it. Unlike cough drops which really feel like they do nothing, DayQuill makes me feel almost like I’m not sick at all. The dosage says every 4 hours, so throw this in your purse to take throughout the day. In addition to that bottle of gross liquid we all remember from when we were kids, it also comes in pill form, already separated out according to dosage, which makes this way easier. My boyfriend also takes NyQuill, but that makes me feel too drowsy unless I can sleep for at least 9 hours, which is rare unless I’m not working the next morning. If you’re not one for medicines for whatever reason, just skip this and proceed to step 2.

  2. Oranges

    As well as other foods loaded with vitamin C. Vitamins help you fight infections, so this one’s easy. Eat good stuff.

  3. Get Lots of Sleep

    I know that when we have to work this one isn’t so easy. Sometimes we have big work projects, or our after work obligations make sleep difficult. But try to get as much as possible. A rested body helps fight off infections better. I recommend getting your sleep by going to bed early instead of sleeping in late. If you sleep in late you might miss out on step 4.

  4. Actually Do Your Makeup

    When we’re not feeling our best we are sometimes tempted to put in as little effort as possible to make it through the day. Don’t do that when you’re getting ready in the morning. Think about it for a minute – when your makeup and hair is done and you’re wearing a cute outfit, don’t you feel amazing? Doesn’t it make you feel like you can take on the world? Even if you don’t wear makeup, follow your usual get ready routine. Getting that “I look good today” feeling makes ignoring the being sick part of things that much easier. Plus, when you look like you always do, people will be less likely to tell you that you look tired, and we all know that’s just code for not good.

  5. Don’t Wear Lipstick

    As a beauty junkie, this might be the hardest one to follow. But just hear me out. Just like reusing the toothbrush you used when you were sick (always throw it out once you’re better), sick germs can stay in the lipstick, then just get back in your mouth once you reapply, which causes you to get sick all over again. And we can all agree that being sick is annoying enough once to not want to do it again. If you really feel incomplete about lipstick, either use a color you hardly wear and throw it out once you start feeling better. I use this time to dig into the pile of Sephora samples I always have laying around and forget about. The one time use is perfect.

That’s all folks. I know 1-3 especially may seem obvious, but they definitely needed to be said. Whenever I’m sick, I just follow these 5 steps and I usually start to feel better pretty quickly. However, if you’re sick for more than a few days make sure you see a doctor to rule out anything more serious.

What are your Get Well Quick tips?


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