I was a little late in the game the first release of this palette. When I first heard about it in March, I thought it wasn’t for me. The colors are pink and purple based, whereas my day to day routine involves browns and grays. However, after reading several other bloggers’ opinions and seeing pictures of it all over the internet, I was able to see that the colors were ones I would be into, and probably would be a welcome addition to my collection. I also became obsessed with the idea of owning that green color – Bless Her Heart-especially. Of course, by this time it was sold out EVERYWHERE. I put a call in to my local Sephora, and the girl there offered to let me know if they got any more in. Everything I’ve read online since then said that it would not be released again, and people were selling it on Poshmark for over $100. I’m sure the prices were driven higher in other places (completely ridiculous, in my opinion). I chalked this one up as me being a day late and a dollar short.

Then something amazing happened. Friday night, at about 7:45, I got a call “We have two of them. If you can come get it by close tomorrow, I can put it on hold for you.” Thankfully, I live only 10 minutes away. I finished the dinner I was cooking, headed out the door, and had this baby in my hands by 8:30.


Obviously, I used the palette the last few mornings. It is just as wonderful as I imagined. Have you ever had a citrus smelling face cleanser that when you used it in the morning, the smell was just invigorating and totally helped wake you up? I have. Using this eyeshadow gives the same effect, only it smells like peaches instead of oranges. The colors are saturated but not heavy – perfect for summer. I had almost no fallout except for when I used Talk Derby To Me as an eyeliner, but that happens pretty much every time I use eyeshadow as eyeliner (which is just about every day). Bless Her Heart lived up to the obsession. I know it’s only been three uses, but so far I would definitely say this was worth the money and the wait.

I can totally post some color swatches and looks I create with this palette if you guys want. Just let me know!

Anyone else have it? What are your favorite colors to play with?


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