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A few weeks ago, I posted this review of Bumble and Bumble’s new Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry product. Someone commented, saying I should do a how to post for it. It’s totally easy to use, like a mousse, but here we go.

By the way if you want to buy the product, it’s for sale at The one I have pictured above is the trial/travel size (I always buy this option when trying a new product), which is $17. You can also buy the full size for $31.

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First, I spray it into my hair. I focus on the roots, and make sure to get all my layers. This product sprays white, and then becomes clear as it absorbs into the hair. You can tell when you spray too much when the white doesn’t disappear right away.

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Next, I work the product into my hair. This is pretty easy, just run my fingers through my hair and play with it for a minute. This usually involves making dumb model faces in the mirror at least once or twice.

image (1)

Then comes the blow dry. Here, I just blow dry my hair like normal. You can either do a “rough dry” with just your hands, or use a brush for a more polished look. Since the Surf collection is all about tousled ease, for this look I prefer the rough dry.

image (2)

As with any blow dry product, you want to use it after your hair has air dried for a few minutes. You want your hair to be damp, not fresh from the shower dripping. Also, use the low to medium heat setting on your dryer. Using too high of a setting or drying your hair from dripping to dry can cause too much heat damage to your hair.


The picture above is the finished look, no styling except for the Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry. It might not look like much, but this is a lot more volume and texture than my hair has normally. I look and feel awesome. Highly recommend this product to anybody.



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