I love when my shopping addiction can still do some good. I am that person who, almost every time I’m asked “Would you like to donate $1 to insert cause here” will respond with “Yes”.  I also love products that when you buy them they donate the profits- my nephew has tons of those stuffed animals and books they have by the checkout at Kohls. Probably my favorite thing, though, is when you buy one they give one. I have a sweet selection of Toms, and my dogs love Dogsbutter by Dog for Dog.

But Urban Decay went even further. With their new Eyeshadow Primer Potion in limited edition shade Enigma, they are donating 100% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE to their global initiative to empower women.

Considering that Urban Decay has to pay to create the product, then to ship it to retailers and customers, this is even more amazing. Instead of just donating profits, UD is taking a bit of a hit and your $20 to the cause.

In my opinion, UD has the best eyeshadow primer, in different shade options. Enigma is the perfect every day shade, a nude matte. Even if it wasn’t a donation, I would recommend this product since it’s awesome.  Keeps your eyeshadow in place and looking fresh all day. And you’ll feel better knowing you’re helping other women too!


Available at Sephora and


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