New Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

Surf Foam
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Minus the fact that the name of the product is super long, I’m in love with this stuff. “part mouse (but way lighter) part salt spray (but less gritty) for big beachy texture with heat style polish” For once, the packaging has it right. I have fine hair, but a lot of it, so I fall in between fine and thick hair. Not usually a bad thing, but my hair is mega flat, and has this insane resistance to volumizing or thickening products. You name it, I’ve tried it. Over the years I have learned to just give up and save my money.

Enter Surf Foam. This product sprays on super light and has a great smell (totally reminds me of the beach). Add a blow dryer and boom-fabulous. My roots not only have volume, but texture. I cannot remember the last time my roots had texture. I have even straightened my hair this morning, and I still have some pretty damn good volume.

The only downside, is that I have instant second day hair. Which isn’t necessarily a downside, as second day hair is the best hair. No word yet on if this shortens the how-long-can-I-go-without-washing-my-hair cycle. Having just used the product this morning, I haven’t slept in it overnight yet.

While this product did deliver on what was promised, I did not get insta bombshell big beachy waves. But if I was expecting that from just a spray, I had unrealistic goals. I’m just excited about the fact that it’s a mouse that actually works, feels great, and gets my boyfriend to tell me that my hair smells nice (always one of my daily goals).

Currently, I have only seen Surf Foam for sale at, and even then it is VIB and VIB Rouge only, which means you have to be a vip customer to be able to purchase it (one of the good things about spending too much money at Sephora, being able to try new products before anyone else). Looks as thought it will be on sale to the general public in April, and I will definitely keep you updated; it’s one of the few items that is going to be in constant rotation in my hair styling routine.


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