Since I am all about goth this fall, I thought the next show I would check out would be Anna Sui. While her Fall 2016 show is not inspired by the style, she frequently is. The collection this season looked heavily inspired by the 70s.


Makes sense that the decade would be in vogue, since it doesn’t seem to have left the runways for the past several years. For probably the third fall in a row, 70s inspired looks are popping up all the way from the designer level down to the discount brands.


I suppose I can understand the appreciation for those types of looks. With the popularity of the brand Free People, who seems to always kick out boho-hippie looks no matter what’s on trend, it all seems to fall into place. The styles are all super comfortable as well as making you look damn good. For most of my paying-attention-to-fashion life, it seems as if bodycon has been the thing. After almost a decade of skintight “how did she get into that” dresses, I am all about things being loose and flowy. They feel way more feminine too. Just yesterday I wore a dress with giant sleeves that totally made me feel like I could be Stevie Nicks.


The amount of color that was in this show was intense and totally welcome. I’m a huge fan of jewel tones and cool colors, such as the ones that were all over the place in this show. Prints also featured a broad mix of colors and were modern updates of classics from the decade.


I am clearly looking at shows out of order from how they happened. Looking at some of the prints and graphics I thought they were similar to the style of lips on the Alexander McQueen looks I wrote about in my last post. Anna Sui, being on the NYFW list, showed first.


I was loving all the fur jackets too. I am opposed to fur and using it for clothing, but I’m not going to lie-it is luxurious to look at. If I can find some faux versions that are that on point they will be going in my closet.


Anna Sui always has the best printed tights in her collections, and 2016 was no exception. The prints managed to add to the groovy styles without managing to be too much look. Those of us who do have to live in the real world could totally rock these with a black skirt and knee boots.

Anna Sui3

All in all, looking good Anna Sui, as always. Forever on my list of brands I wish I could afford.


All photos via Vogue


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