Couture week is usually a dream for the fashion girl. The sets are fantastic, we get to stare at beautiful clothes that we could never afford (at least not without spending AT LEAST a year’s salary), and the beauty looks that come out of there are fab. Four days of shows provide fuel for months of magazines and blogs. We pretty much don’t stop talking about it till the next season’s couture week comes around.

Instead of dragging it out for months, I’ll be short and sweet. Here are a few pics and blurbs about some of my favorites.

All images from Vogue.




I feel like all seasonal trends end up in the Chanel show. And since pretty much the entire collection here was about being eco-conscious, maybe the rest of the designers will jump on the bandwagon. The collection wasn’t just “Here are some clothes made with little waste and trying to be smart”. They actually used the Earth to make their point. Wood chips were used as beading and appliques. Some designs were made out of recycled paper.


The best part was that with all this, the actual designs were nothing too different. Not that they weren’t beautiful; they were just the same stuff that Chanel puts out ever couture show. Which proves that you can be green without changing your whole look.


“A case could be built for haute couture being the most non-environmentally impactful branch of clothing production, anyway. It’s handmade, takes infinite hours of work, and potentially lasts a lifetime, the antithesis of fast fashion’s notorious processes and disposability.”

Sarah Mower, Vogue Runway, January 26, 2016

Now if only we could just afford it.


Christian Dior

No couture week would be complete without a review of Dior. However, this will be brief. I feel that the brand is suffering from the lack of a creative director. The show seemed that it had no clear direction. Gone are the luxurious days where Galliano was taking the bow at the end. I know he was fired for good reason, but man, he could make some beautiful clothes. Everything since just doesn’t give me the sense of awe as those over the top creations were. THOSE were some fantasy clothes. I found everything put down the runway under Simmons exquisitely put together, but dull. And one of my biggest pet peeves of runway shows is when designers put models on the runway in a sheer shirt and no bra or under layer – boobs galore. I just find it completely tasteless.



Oh well, better luck next season with someone new at the helm.


Elie Saab

Elie Saab is one of my favorite shows every couture season because they put out a stunning array of pretty dresses every year. If I ever get married, I am going to base my dress on something from one of these shows, as I could never afford the real thing.


Victorian is all over the Spring RTW runways and we already have tons of tops in my store with the theme. I fully enjoyed how Elie Saab went with the inspiration and changed it-making it a Victorian woman visiting India. Gorgeous, fitting, and original.


The lace and beadwork were very ladylike, but the sandals were the perfect touch, giving ease to the luxury – exactly the way the Victorian ladies would have done it.


I’m not normally one for jumpsuits, but the way the above one matches the vest is the perfect combination of elegance and badassery.


There is a part of me that loves anything remotely fashion-boho. I can totally see this dress with a flower crown and an outdoor wedding.


I’m just going to leave the above look here cause it reminds me of fairies. As discussed in my Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show post, I love anything that reminds me of fairies.



I don’t really have much to say about the Valentino show. Between the headdresses and style of the clothes, I did get a huge Greece vibe. But maybe that’s just because I was invited to Greece next summer and am unable to go. My waderlust is probably getting to me.

Valentino Couture 2

Valentino Couture3


The clothes were beautiful though.


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