I meant to do this ages ago.The plan was to start this blog on September 1st, September being an important month in the fashion world and all. When that didn’t happen I was going to launch on October 1st, the unofficial start of jacket season around here, and September is usually still a pretty warm month. And now it is midway through November and I am just now writing my into post. Third month’s a charm, right?

This is me: I am an awesomely average twenty-something with a love of fashion, food, and beauty. I long for clothes I will probably never be able to afford and dream of places I will probably never move. Hopefully I will be able to at least visit some of these fine cities, which would probably be easier if I didn’t spend such a large portion of my income on clothes.

Back to it being November, how did it get to be so late in the year? I still have a stack of September Issues I have yet to finish. I’m still stuck on fall, and those of us who work retail are in the mind of Christmas. I haven’t finished looking through everything from Fashion Week, and it’s already time to start the countdown to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Say what you will about Victoria’s Secret, but I am a fan and their annual fashion show makes for excellent television.

I live in the Midwest. Though it tries, it is not the trendiest of places. I dream of moving to the coast.

Cooking is a skill of mine. My work schedule means that the majority of the time I do not get to make something as original as I would like. But my boyfriend and roommate are perfectly satisfied, and it works for now.

Hopefully you do not think me too uninteresting and will stick with me. I will share my insights into this world and things I am interested in. Fashion, Cooking, and Beauty will be the most of it. Maybe there will be some of you interested in these things too.


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